Record your surroundings with Dome View Mode and select highlights as you like


Preserve the beauty of your outdoor activities with freestyle shooting


It’s Time to Play!

Casio is introducing a new way to relive your footage and share it immediately with friends, giving everyone a brand new experience.
The FR Series of Outdoor Recording Gear lets you relive your memories and effortlessly share them with others. It’s waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and resistant to low temperatures.
Leave the recording to us—it’s time to play!

Capture your world

Outdoor Recording Gear FR200


Get stunning active shots

Outdoor Recording Gear FR100


It’s Time to Play—Even More!

Add another camera and enjoy Multi Camera Mode.
Take stills and video in Full 360° and combine shots from different angles, using your imagination to record your findings in a brand new way. Furthermore, you can enjoy your photos on the spot and share or edit them using our smartphone app, EXILIM ALBUM.


By adding another camera, you can operate two cameras simultaneously with one controller.
Record stills and video in Dome View,
take shots simultaneously from different angles and enjoy myriad ways to capture a scene.

How to view Full 360° videos

OFF-ROADING [Full 360°]

OFF-ROADING [Full 360°]

Fix two cameras on front and back of your helmet, and ride that ATV!
Merge the footage from the cameras to produce an exciting 360° look at everything that happened.
*Use the screen and buttons in the upper-left hand corner to control the video.


Enjoy your Full 360° and Dome View stills and video even more with our smartphone app.

This app lets you compile your own still images and movies to create an album on your smartphone. It offers new, fun ways to view your images. Besides allowing you to view Dome View or Full 360° view, it can also automatically select highlights from your stills and movie footage, and then display them in a timeline, or create a movie montage for you.

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Product Page EX-FR200


Product Page EX-FR100


Product Page EX-FR100CA



EAM-1Tripod Mounter

[Tripod Attachment]
Attaches to the camera's hinge unit with a single click. Can be used to attach to commercial tripod screws (1/4 20UNC).

[Conversion Adapter](included in EAM-1)

By attaching it to the controller,you can attach other accessory(EAM-1/2/3) to the controller with a click.

EAM-2Multi-angle Clip

A clip that easily attaches to a backpack or other surfaces. A 360-degree rotating mechanism allows for full range of motion for your camera.

EAM-3Multi-angle Belt Set

Allows you to wear the camera around your wrist or head. Comes with two belts (long and short). A 360-degree rotating mechanism allows for a full range of motion with your camera.

EAM-4Multi-angle Stick

Extends from 330mm up to 1045mm. Adjusts the camera's direction and the controller's angle. Allows you to check the angle while shooting.

EAM-5Waterproof Housing

A waterproof case that thoroughly protects the camera in water as deep as 20m*1 Can handle both freshwater and seawater.

*1. According to the testing conditions determined by the Company.

* Not compatible with the FR200.

EAM-6Antenna Cable Set

Connect the above-ground controller to your camera in the Waterproof Housing (EAM-5), allowing for full control of your underwater shots.

* Not compatible with the FR200.

EAM-7LED Ring Light

Equipped with six high-brightness LED lights in a ring shape. The brightness can be adjusted to three levels.

* Not compatible with the FR200.

Included AccessoriesCarabiner Strap

Use the carabiner strap on the controller unit to connect to your backpack, sportswear or other personal attire.


Included AccessoriesTripod Nut

The tripod nut attaches to commercially available tripods.

*Tripod image is for description purposes only.

Included AccessoriesNeck Strap (included in the FR10 only)

An adjustable neck strap for carrying the camera. In addition to its customary use,the length can be adjusted to wrap the strap around stationary objects such as trees and playground equipment to secure the camera.




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