Give me a Like! –Secrets to taking artistic selfies– [Active Selfie]

    Great pics by Pro Travelers!

    For the active purist, a memory is a magical and expressive moment.
    The EXILIM FR is ideal for capturing active and dynamic scenes from music festivals, sports activities and even your travels. Learn how to set up your instagenic photos and share your vibrant and artistic selfies!

    Spot-on Advice of a Pro Traveler

    01 advice


    ProfileAn active member of mitsubachiworks inc. since 2016, she has initiated activities as the group’s first Pro Traveler, an instagramer who takes travel pictures.
    Artistic photos and a lifestyle centered on travelling have earned her the admiration of many women. She is also a nailist with the largest number of followers in Japan. She loves cameras, the ocean and ice cream. In July 2016, she published her first travelogue, PHOTO BOOK “GENIC TRAVEL vol.01 AUSTRALIA – LOVE & ICECREAM –“

    The idea is to shoot as you verify your favorite angle of view.

    Every shot is a selfie whether you’re photographing yourself, taking a photo with just a part of you in the picture, or using a tripod and remotely controlling your camera to capture yourself. How you express yourself is all up to you!

    02 advice


    ProfileThe youngest Pro Traveler and beach lover who carries the year-round scent of summer. Her instagram is loaded with cute visuals and colorful, tropical photos that often feature instagenic items. She has gained the overwhelming popularity of women between the late teens and early twenties who find her to be a prime example of “how to enjoy yourself without spending money“.

    Blog「Wanderlust Diary」

    Selfies express the time that you’re in.

    I make it a point to place myself in a shot to capture memories that reflect my travels and capture the reality of the time that I’ve spent. I try to position myself so that I blend in without interfering with the background.

    03 advice


    ProfileHer passion is fashion, cooking, interior decoration and traveling. She’s a Pro Traveler with a stylish lifestyle that is envied by women in their twenties.
    In September, she directed her very own Hawaiian wedding. Every bit of the instagenic and fashionable wedding event will be featured in the soon-to-be-published “Hawaii Rustic Wedding” from the GENIC TRAVEL series.


    It’s not about taking a picture of yourself, but how you blend yourself into the scenery.

    I try to fit myself in the scenery when I shoot a picture. When I have a hand or other part of my body in the frame, I add a hint of color with an accessory or other small article for some cute results.

    04 advice


    ProfileWith a strong love for fashion, cooking, interior decoration and traveling, this stylish Pro Traveler from Osaka is capable of traveling on her own, supported by her command of English which was honed at a university for foreign studies.
    Among the Pro Travelers, she is particular about the backgrounds and angles that she takes and is considered by her colleagues to be the strictest regarding her pictures. However, the photos that she presents are colorful and loving, rich with a happy atmosphere that is soothing to viewers.
    ”Smiles”, ”intuition” and ”thrills” are what she values most.

    I’m expressing my own lifestyle and story

    I try to put together a scene that conveys what is good about the location. The point is I don’t make myself the main subject of the photograph, but stand off to the side and make myself appear small.

    The official instagram is now available!

    The Recipe for Taking Instagenic Selfies Produced by Risa Shichino

    Risa Shichino

    Born in Hokkaido on November 10th, 1989, she is a free-spirited, Type O graduate of Tama Art University who loves traveling and photography. She was a runner-up for Miss International Japan 2014, the Tourism Ambassador of Owase and a member of DISCOVERY NEXT. Instagram:@risaa_xoxo

    • Being particular about the background is a must! Be careful where you position yourself.

      The background is very important for communicating the feel of a place. That’s why you have to be particular about your standing position so you don’t interfere with the shot! With the FR100, you can easily come out long-legged simply by standing to the side.

    • Spot-on Advice! -Secret techniques for making your legs look longer-
      • Set the camera at a right angle of 90 degrees.
      • Place the camera at a height of 100cm above the ground.
      • Take your shot standing 100cm away from the camera.
      Try it with your FR100!
    • Draw back on your shot! Make sure to coordinate your clothes.

      Shoot your photo of the cute shop by placing the FR100 away from yourself. To capture the natural feel of a walk, wear a dress that pops and pose as if you’re walking. The result is a natural selfie that looks like it was taken by somebody else.

    • Use an impactful item to accent the photo.

      I chose eye-popping candy for the colorful Salvation Mountain. Small articles are chosen in accordance with the shooting location. I coordinated the color of the shot, using white so as not to clash with the background.
      The key is to have an image that blends with the background!

    • Photogenic points can be found in inconspicuous places!

      The LOVE centerpiece of Salvation Mountain looks cuter in silhouette and clearly stands out than if I shot it as is. Though difficult to find, stylish photogenic points are everywhere. Use the display on your FR100 to compose your shot and select the best point to take your photo.

    The Camera of Choice! Features and Lineup of the FR Series

    • Separable camera and controller

      Set the separated camera at various angles and take your shot from anywhere you like! It’s easy to take selfies by remote control.

    • Super wide angle lens

      Take beautiful wide angle shots with this lens. Capture a full body selfie with the background.
      Enjoy taking long-leg selfies!

    • Make-up Mode

      Take beautiful photos of your face anywhere at anytime.
      Be confident with your skin and simply upload to SNS!

    • Waterproof & rugged design

      A tough camera that’s ideal for shoots near water. Drop and shock resistant, the camera is outstanding for shooting active scenes.

    • Send to your smartphone

      Easily transfer photos to your smartphone with a dedicated app. Smoothly post your photos on SNS!

    • FR100

      The tough, superwide angle model for shooting active scenes

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