Give me a Like! –Secrets to taking artistic selfies– [Daily Selfie]

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    Whether it be coffee time with friends or just a little walk, you can capture the moment of your everyday actions with EXILIM ZR. Learn how to set up your instagenic shots and stylishly send out your lifestyle events♥

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The Recipe for Instagenic Selfies Produced by Asami Ichioka

Asami Ichioka

Asami is actively involved in producing photography services and teaching how to take pictures, based on her theme of “increasing cute photographic experiences for girls”.
She is also engaged in collaborative projects with several businesses.
Now, she is here to show you how to take instagenic pictures with a few easy-to-follow steps.

Think “creative” rather than “selfie”!

Don’t fill the photo with yourself! The angle of view should be sideways with plenty of space to capture the stylish atmosphere of the background. For an even cuter shot of yourself, turn the tilt-type LCD downwards.
[Three Points for Improving Your Selfies]
(1) The camera should be positioned slightly parallel rather than above your head. (2) Intentionally crop off some of the head when taking the picture. (3) Keep your eyes on the monitor instead of the lens!



Be particular about the background and how you take your picture.

The background is absolutely important to creating the feel of your world! When shooting your photo, I sometimes think that you could move a person to the side. Try to give the photo a natural look. For example, place the camera at a distance from the location and take the picture with the “Motion Shutter” function to make it look like somebody other than you pressed the shutter button. Also, don’t forget to look away from the camera.



Take a picture hiding a part of your face with a cute item

Items like a macaroon or lipstick can be appealingly introduced by photographing them near the face. Taking a picture with the item up close to the lips can make the object stand out even more, resulting in a very stylish photo.

Don’t over-process the photo. Remember that natural is beautiful♥

With EXILIM, you can capture the quality of each strand of hair, maintaining the fine texture of the eyelashes and express the natural beauty of your skin. Why create beauty when you can easily set up a shot that shows your fresh, natural-born beauty?



The Camera of Choice! Features and Lineup of the ZR Series

  • Tilt-type LCD & Front Shutter

    An LCD that opens 180 degrees is an absolute must for selfies. Shooting images is even easier with a front shutter that you can press with your thumb.

  • Motion Shutter

    A simple wave of the hand releases the shutter, making it easy to shoot a broader angle of view!

  • Make-up Mode

    You can finely adjust skin texture and tone♪ to capture the shot the way you want.

  • Premium Auto Pro

    To catch the best image, let the camera handle the settings for severe backlighting or dark backgrounds.

  • Send to Smartphone

    Easily transfer photos to your smartphone with a dedicated app. Smoothly post your photos on SNS!

Line up

  • ZR5000


    Super wide angle model for shooting wide high resolution images

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  • ZR65


    An easy to carry, compact model

    Products Page
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