You can be a Foto Funster!

On weekends, I like to go out for a good time with my family and friends. But when I’m the one with the camera, I just can’t get into the fun because there’s that photographer in me that’s distracted by every photo op. When I’m out to have fun, I don’t want my camera spoiling my enjoyment of the moment with my friends. And I don’t want it to interfere with those special moments that I share with my family either! With the right gear, you can enjoy each and every second of any occasion. In fact, you don’t have to be the odd man out at every shutter opportunity. That’s what being a Foto Funster is all about!

What’s your Foto Funster level?

  • Do you prefer music festivals over live club performances?
  • Would you rather ride a bike to work than drive a car?
  • Do you like watching a sports event from the stands rather than on TV?
  • Do you like dogs?
  • When you’re at a café, do you prefer sitting outside?

Check out the results down below! Find out your Foto Funster level!

If you answered “YES” to one question, your Foto Funster level is 20% If you answered “YES” to two questions, your Foto Funster level is 40% If you answered “YES” to three questions, your Foto Funster level is 60% If you answered “YES” to four questions, your Foto Funster level is 80% If you answered “YES” to every question, your Foto Funster level is 100%



We had creative Foto Funsters show us what they could do with the EXILIM FR10. Check out the FUN that they had and let them inspire you to capture your vision!

  • Daisuke Ide
  • Kasumi Saito
  • Rena Komine
  • Yoshifumi Egawa
  • Yuhi Komiyama | vocalist and keyboard player of the band Hoff Dylan
  • Daisuke Watanabe | Vocal and guitarist of D.W. Nicols