“Quick & Snappy! It turns me on!”Why does this phrase suit the new HIGH SPEED EXILIM so well?

Ever since the 1995 launch of CASIO’s QV-10, the world’s first digital camera with an LCD monitor for the consumer market, EXILIM has continued to offer unique, innovative ways to enjoy digital cameras. Hit products have included the EX-S1, the world’s first card-size digital camera with an LCD monitor* launched in May 2002, and the EX-F1, a high-speed camera for consumers.
The latest development in EXILIM’s ongoing evolution is the ZR Series, which we first introduced in November 2010 and which comes equipped with the remarkable EXILIM Engine HS.
We asked the head of the development team to describe the technologies that enable the new cameras in this series to achieve both high image quality and stress-free photography under any shooting conditions.

* CASIO research

Jun Hosoda

Jun Hosoda

QV Digital Camera Division
Product Development Dept.
CASIO Computer Co., Ltd.

“A digital camera I’d like to own myself.”This was the concept behind the series’ development.

I’ve been developing digital cameras at CASIO for more than 10 years now. My focus as a developer is always on “creating a camera I’d like to use personally.” During the development process, I’m always asking myself, “Can I adjust it a bit here?” or, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have this kind of function?”
I apologize for bringing my personal life into this, but one thing I’ve always wanted to capture with a camera is my son playing baseball. I mean, to somehow freeze his sudden movements and the facial expressions that cross his face at unexpected moments.
I believe it was this desire that led to the development of our high-speed cameras that can capture quick movements with blur-free high-speed burst shooting and to our HDR photo technology that merges several images to produce beautiful photos under difficult shooting conditions.

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Combination of 2 technologies in the innovative EXILIM Engine HS

From the beginning, there have been two separate genealogical lines running through the CASIO camera family: the EXILIM series, which seeks to combine high image quality with compact designs so users can shoot beautiful photos easily by simply pressing the shutter button; and the HIGH SPEED EXILIM series, which performs ultra-high-speed burst shooting so users never miss a photo opportunity.

The EXILIM Engine HS has unified these two technologies acquired by CASIO through product development in these two lines. This remarkable engine supports simultaneous processing of two essential tasks—“high-speed shooting” and “high-speed image processing.” This enables the rapid-response shooting performance that gives users a “Quick & Snappy! It turns me on!” feeling, when they shoot photos.

Two digital camera technologies cultivated by CASIO

  • High-speed Shooting(High-speed Burst Shooting & High-speed Movie)

    EXILIM’s High Speed shooting technology records image data at speeds of up to 1,000 frames per second. Users can easily manage either high-speed burst shooting or slow motion movie playback, capabilities formerly available only with professional specification cameras. The HIGH SPEED EXILIM lets you capture sports action and other fast-moving subjects without fail.

    High-speed Shooting(High-speed Burst Shooting & High-speed Movie)

  • High-speed Image-processing(Premium AUTO PRO)

    Making the most of such versatile image analysis / processing features as brightness level analysis, noise cutting and area-by-area white balance control, the ZR Series reproduces images just as they appear to the human eye. Users can capture beautiful images simply by pressing the shutter button, even under such challenging conditions as night scene and backlit photography.

    High-speed Image-processing(Premium AUTO PRO)