User Guide

A New Connection for your Smartphone:
EXILIM Auto Transfer

“EXILIM Connect” is a convenient application that creates a permanent connection between your CASIO digital camera with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® functionality and your smartphone. This allows all images taken with your digital camera to be sent immediately to your smartphone, and allows your smartphone to be used as a remote control for your digital camera.

* EX-FR100L needs to update the firmware to the latest version which will be released on Mar 17.

Installing the Application

Search for “EXILIM Connect” on Google Play or the App Store, and then install the application on your smartphone.

  • App Store
  • Google play

Guarantee of Application Functionality

EXILIM Connect (Application) is not guaranteed to function on all smartphones and tablets.


• Please check the OS version supported by the application on Google Play or the App Store.
• Application functions and operating environment may be changed without notice.

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