Using Your Smartphone
as Camera Remote
(Remote Photography)

Photos can be taken remotely while looking at your smartphone screen to check composition, angle and poses. Along with taking still images and video, you can also control functions such as zoom and the self timer.


If your smartphone and camera have been paired then you can turn your camera on by using your smartphone.

When Using a Smartphone with
Bluetooth Low Energy Support

This video shows how to make use of remote photography and check the photographed image while using a paired connection.

※The explanation in this video uses the EX-ZR3500.

  • 01
    Check that your camera’s power is turned off.
  • 02
    Start “EXILIM Connect” on your smartphone.
    • Confirm that theicon on the top screen is pink.
  • 03
    Tap “Remote Capture” on your smartphone.
    Your camera will activate in wireless mode, and you will be able to use your smartphone to control the camera.
  • 04
    Take photos while using your smartphone like a viewfinder.
    • Approx. 60 seconds after starting remote photography, the camera’s LCD will turn off and the rear lamp will turn green.
    • End remote photography by returning to the application’s top screen.
    •Tapand you can view images inside the camera.