EXILIM Auto Transfer
- Automatic Transfer of Images -

Just take a photo with your camera like you normally would and the image will be automatically transferred to your smartphone. The images taken in this manner can not only be viewed on your smartphone, but can also be shared to cloud-based albums and social media.


Take a photo with a camera that has completed pairing and each image taken will be sent automatically to your smartphone. If your camera and smartphone are not connected together when the photo is taken, the images will be transferred as soon as the connection is next established.

Transfer Each Image to
Your Smartphone (Automatic Transfer)

This video shows how to set up automatic transfer of images.

※The explanation in this video uses the EX-ZR3500.

  • 01
    Set your camera to wireless , go to “Wireless Settings” and select “Auto Send”.
  • 02
    Select “On” and press [SET].
  • 03
    Set your camera to photography mode and take a photo.
    Your camera and smartphone will be connected via wireless LAN, and all photographed images will be sent to your smartphone.


    The maximum size for a single file that can be transferred by the camera using the automatic transfer function is 100MB. Controls may differ depending on the camera you are using. Please see the camera user manual for more details.

Making Use of the Scene Application
(Sharing in an Album)

Calling up “Scene” from “EXILIM Connect” will allow you to easily and conveniently perform swift checking, sorting and sharing of images.
In order to use the Scene application, you will need to have it installed. You will also need to create an album inside Scene in order to use it.

This video shows how to make use of the smartphone application “Scene”.

Share images with friends using a QR code
(One Time Share)

* The smart phone app “Scene” must be installed first.

  • 01
    Set your camera to wireless and select “Send to phone”
  • 02
    Select “One Time Share” and press [SET]

    * The paired smartphone must be connected to the Internet.
    * For iOS, “EXILIM Connect” and “Scene” must be linked.

  • 03
    Use the cursor keys to move the red frame to the image you want to share and press [SET]
    • A check mark will appear against the image selected.
    • To stop sharing the image, press the Play button on the camera.
  • 04
    Select all the images you want to send and press [MENU]
    • A QR code will appear on the camera monitor screen when you start sending images to a smartphone.
    • QR code images can be saved to the camera.
  • 05
    Use the smartphone on which you want to display the image to read the QR code displayed

    * A QR code reader is required to read QR codes on a smartphone.

  • 06
    Use the smartphone to access the URL displayed by the QR code

Add location information to images
(Location info)

You can add location information showing where the image sent to the smartphone was taken. Location information cannot be added to videos.

  • 01
    Set your camera to wireless, go to “Wireless Setting” and select “Location Info”
  • 02
    Select “On” and press [SET]


    • Use is only possible when the camera and smartphone are connected using Bluetooth connection technology.
    • Pair the camera and smartphone if you are going to set location information to “On”.
    • When location information is set to “On”, location information at the time the image was taken will be acquired by the smartphone whenever an image is taken by the camera.
    • Location information cannot be added to images stored in the camera. Location information can be added to images after they have been sent to a smartphone.
    • Location information cannot be added when the smartphone is unable to acquire that information.
    • For Android, in “EXILIM Connect”, go to “Set Up” and switch “Adds Location Information to Images” to ON.
    • For iOS, allow “EXILIM Connect” to use location information in the OS “Settings”.