Wireless Connection
- Pairing -

When connecting your smartphone to your camera for the first time, you will need to perform wireless connection settings. Two types of wireless connection can be used; Bluetooth® wireless technology or a wireless LAN connection.


If you are using a smartphone that supports Bluetooth low energy, connecting it to your camera using Bluetooth wireless technology will allow a wireless connection to easily be established, and after the settings are performed once a permanent connection is then established.(Once pairing is complete, wireless LAN connection settings will also be performed automatically.)

When Using a Smartphone with
Bluetooth Low Energy Support

This video shows how to perform pairing for your camera and smartphone.

※The explanation in this video uses the EX-ZR3500.

  • 01
    Set your camera to wireless mode and select “Pairing”.
    Controls may differ depending on the camera you are using. Please see the camera user manual for more details.
  • 02
    Activate “EXILIM Connect” on your smartphone.
    When activated for the first time the “Software License Agreement” screen will be displayed. Tap “Agree.” An introduction to the application’s functions will be displayed. Tap each “Next” displayed on the screen, then finally tap “Complete” and the top screen will be displayed.
  • 03
    Tap “Pairing” on your smartphone.
  • 04
    Tap the name of the camera you want to pair with your smartphone to complete pairing between the camera and smartphone; a wireless Bluetooth connection will be established.
    • If you are using an Android device, wireless LAN connection settings will also be performed automatically. Please proceed to Step 8.
    • If you are using an iPhone, you will now need to perform wireless LAN connection settings(profile installation). Please proceed to Step 5.
  • 05
    Tap “Install” on your smartphone.
    Follow the directions on the smartphone to install the profile required for the wireless LAN connection.
    • A screen asking for your smartphone passcode to be entered may be displayed.
    If such a screen is displayed, please input your smartphone passcode.
  • 06
    Once the profile installation is complete, tap “Done” on your smartphone.
  • 07
    Tap the EXILIM Connect icon displayed on your smartphone screen.
    Your camera and smartphone will be connected via wireless LAN.
    • If you are using an iPhone and the camera and smartphone will not connect via wireless LAN, select the camera’s SSID from the smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect the camera and smartphone together via wireless LAN.
  • 08
    Tap “OK” on your smartphone.
  • 09
    Follow the instructions on your camera and complete the pairing operation.

Check Connection Status

Connection status with the camera can be checked from the EXILIM Connect top screen.

If Your Smartphone and Camera Will Not Connect Via Wireless LAN

Please refer to Q&A