View & Send Images

View still images stored on your camera, and copy still images and video to your smartphone.


If your smartphone and camera have been paired then you can turn your camera on by using your smartphone.

When Using a Smartphone with
Bluetooth Low Energy Support

This video shows how to view photos stores on your camera and transfer them to your smartphone during a paired connection.

※The explanation in this video uses the EX-ZR3500.

  • 01
    Check that your camera’s power is turned off.
  • 02
    Start “EXILIM Connect” on your smartphone.
    • Confirm that theicon on the top screen is pink.
  • 03
    Tap “View on Phone” on your smartphone.
    Your camera will activate in wireless mode and the images stored in the camera will be displayed. Tap any image and it will be displayed full screen. Tap “Copy to Smartphone” in this state and the currently displayed image will be transferred to your smartphone.
    • Tapto start remote photography. When using a camera with a retractable lens, starting remote photography will cause the lens to be deployed. Ensure that there is nothing in the vicinity of the camera that will hit or obstruct the lens.
  • 04
    Tap “Select” on your smartphone.
  • 05
    Tap the image on your smartphone that you want to copy.
    A check mark will be placed on the selected image.
    • You can copy a maximum of 100 images at a time.
  • 06
    Once you have selected all of the images that you want to copy, tap “Copy to Smartphone” on your smartphone.
    The selected images will be copied to your smartphone.
  • 07
    Once the image has been copied, you can perform any of the following actions using your smartphone.
    ○Share in an Album: Share copied images using the Scene App.
    ○View Images in Scene App: View copied images in the Scene App.
    ○Send to Social Media: Open a screen for sending images to social media.
    ○Cancel: End operation.